Our Executive

Executive Director
Michele Taylor

Board of Directors
Cliff Dimm, Chair
Clif Wilde, Vice Chair, Acting Treasurer
Tina Burian, Secretary
Colleen Kearney, Board Member
Gordon Armitage, Board Member
Jo-Anne Packham, Board Member
Arlene Rice, Board Member
Barbara Henning, Board Member
Mike Sherman, Board Member
Asif Syed, Board Member


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(Left to Right) Back Row: Clif Wilde, Barbara Henning, Cliff Dimm, Michele Taylor, Gordon Armitage
Front Row: Colleen Kearney, Arlene Rice, Tina Burian (missing Jo-Anne Packham, Mike Sherman)

Our Vision...

A community free of domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault and abuse and homelessness.


Our Mission...

To lead in improving the fundamental safety and health of individuals, families and communities.

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